Wayne W. Ruppert, CVT, CCCC, NREMT-P
Cardiovascular Coordinator
Bayfront Health Dade City
Dade City, FL
(July 2012 - Present) 

Mr. Ruppert serves as the Cardiovascular Coordinator and Cardiac Data Specialist for Bayfront Health Dade City, and as Cardiovascular Educator for Twin Oaks Anesthesia Services in Florida. He also serves as a part-time Deputy Sheriff and SWAT Team Paramedic for the Pasco County Sheriff's Office (2007-present).
To date, Wayne coordinated three the successful American College of Cardiology Cardiovascular Accreditation projects at Bayfront Health Dade City:
- Accredited Chest Pain Center with PCI and Resuscitation, May, 2017
- Atrial Fibrillation Accreditation, September, 2014
- Accredited Chest Pain Center, November, 2013
He is currently coordinating Bayfront Dade City's Atrial Fibrillation re-accreditation, and is providing on-site leadership at Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center in Crystal River, FL for Chest Pain Center Accreditation, Cycle 6.
Wayne is currently developing a Cardiovascular Quality Improvement Database that captures the data fields required for Action Registry and the ACC's Accreditation Compliance Database (ACD) but adds the capability for local hospitals to generate Individual Team Member Performance Feedback, a feature that current national cardiac QI databases do not offer.   The capability to provide ED nurses and physicians, laboratory technicians, Cardiac Cath Lab nurses and technologists with objective performance feedback is an integral component for improving systemic hospital-wide performance.
Since 2016 Wayne has served as conference speaker for the American College of Cardiology's national "Annual Congress" conferences.  In 2016 he presented three presentations at the 19th Congress in Miama, FL, and is serving as the Observation Services tract team leader for the 20th Congress in Las Vegas.  His presentations at the 20th Congress include a three-session "Observation Medicine 12 Lead ECG Instructor Workshop."   


Principal Investigator:

Validation Study of Simple Acute Coronary Syndrome (SACS) Score

Head to Head Comparison of SACS Score vs. HEART Score vs. TIMI Score

for the Capability of Predicting the Presence of Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease

Bayfront Health St. Petersburg and Bayfront Health Dade City



National Institutes of Health Study ID: NCT02358148

AHA Circulation: SACS Abstract

Author, "12 Lead ECG Interpretation in Acute Coronary Syndrome with Case Studies from the Cardiac Catheterization Lab"

Author, "STEMI Assistant," 42 page interactive crash cart reference

Previously Wayne served as the primary 12 Lead ECG instructor for St. Joseph's Hospitals in Florida (1997-2013), and York Hospital in York, Pennsylvania (1998-present).  Since 1995, he has taught 12 Lead ECG Interpretation to hundreds of critical care nurses, respiratory therapists and paramedics.  He is the author of:  "STEMI Assistant," (2015) a 42 page interactive STEMI reference manual and "12 Lead ECG Interpretation in Acute Coronary Syndrome with Case Studies from the Cardiac Catheterization Lab" TriGen Publishing, / Ingram Book Compay, 2010.   
During Mr. Ruppert's tenure at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa, FL (1996-2013), he served as an Interventional Cardiovascular and Electrophysiology Technologist and logged over 13,000 cardiac catheterizations and electrophysiology (EP) studies.  Mr. Ruppert operated the EP Med Systems' automated mapping software use to obtain and interpret the Electrogram, the "internal ECG" obtained during EP Studies. 
Prior to his Cardiac Cath Lab career, Wayne served as a hosptial-based paramedic for York Hospital Medic 97 (1980-81), Firefighter Paramedic for Hershey, PA Fire Department (1982), Hosptial-based EMS service paramedic at Stouthern Chester County Medic 91 (1983), St Joseph's Hospital Medic One (Lancaster, PA, 1984-85) and Lancaster General Hospital Medic 6 (1986-87).
In September 1987 he accepted a position with Medic One Ambulance Service in Largo, FLorida.  He served as Field Training Officer, Field Training Coordinator, Director of Education and National Dirctor of Quality Improvement.
Between 1988 and 1994, he developed, implemented and managed the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office SWAT Paramedic Team.   
He studied 12 Lead ECG Interpretation under the late Dr. Henry J.L. Marriott in 1982 and 1994. 

  • BCLS Instructor, American Heart Association, 1980-Present
  • ACLS Instructor, American Heart Association, 1982-Present
  • PALS Instructor, American Heart Association, 1988-Present

Email: wayne.ruppert@bayfronthealth.com