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Download STAT 12 Lead ECG Part 1 - Basic Fundamentals

Download STAT 12 Lead ECG Part 2 - Acute Coronary Syndrome

Download Nuts & Bolts of Therapeutic Hypothermia - Bayfront Health 2019

Download EMS 12 Lead 101 - 2019

Download BHSR 2019 Basic ECG with Obtaining STAT 12 Lead

Download Hands-Only CPR and AED Course

Download The Lifesaving ECG Part 1

Download The Lifesaving ECG Part 2

Download Advanced 12 Lead ECG in ACS and SADS Key West 2018

Download Basic ECG - Key West 2018

Download 12 Lead ECG - 8 hour class - Part 1 - 2018

Download 12 Lead ECG - 8 hour class - Part II - 2018

Download Advanced Physicians ACLS 2018 SRRMC

Download ACC 20th Congress Serial 12 Lead ECG Course

Download A SHORT Course in LONG QT Syndrome

Download ACC 20th Congress - Continuous ST Segment Monitoring Course

Download ACC 20th Congress - Serial 12 Lead ECG Interpretation Part 1

Download ACC 20th Congress - Serial 12 Lead ECG Interpretation Part 2

Download Sudden Cardiac Death Prevention - ACC / SCPC 19th Congress

Download Initial Stabilization of the Atrial Fib Patient - SCPC 19th Congress

Download Continuous ST-Segment Monitoring Policy

Download QTc Monitoring Policy for Patients on QT Prolonging Meds

Download QT Monitoring Protocol - Patients on QT Prolonging Meds - 2018

Download A-Fib / Flutter ER Physician's Order Set - BHDC

Download A-Fib / Flutter Flowchart Emerg Care BHDC

Download Team Driven Performance Improvement - SCPC 19th Congress

Download TDPI in Ambulance Industry Journal

Download TJC Sentinel Event Alert - Disruptive Physicians

Download ACLS 2015 Algorithm Cheat Sheets

Download 2015 ACLS Algorithms with ECG examples

Download Basic ECG Course Handout - 4 slides per page

Download Basic ECG Course - FULLSCREEN edition with ACLS algorithms - SRRMC

Download Neighbors Saving Neighbors Program

Download STEMI Assistant


Download ECG Review of Hypertrophy

Download 14 Point AHA Screening Form for Genentic and Congenital Heart Conditions

Download Preoperative ECG Evaluation 2016

Download Perioperative Considerations for Patients with CIEDs

Download 12 Lead ECG in ACS Handout

Download LQTS in Anesthesia

Download First Aid Presentation

DOWNLOAD ACS & STEMI - St Joseph's Hospital Presentation

Download 2011 HRS Perioperative Management of CIEDs

Download Sample Clinical Alarm Policy

Download Clinical Alarm Parameters Example

Download Continuous ST Segment Monitoring Policy

Download Acute Chest Pain Protocol - Non-ED Patient

Download Non-ED STEMI Protocol

Dowload Low Risk Chest Pain - Bridge Orders

Download STEMI Alert ED Physicians Order Set

Download Low Risk Chest Pain Order Set - with HEART Score

Download Serial ECG / Troponin & Mgmt of LRCP Patient Protocol

Download Universal ACS Flowchart