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This 4 hour workshop focuses on the 12 Lead ECG Identification of Acute Coronary Syndromes with specific emphasis on STEMI.  
COURSE PRE-REQUISITE:  Participants who enter this workshop must already have fundamental knowledge of "basic single-lead ECG (ACLS level) rhythm strip interpretation skills."
  • Define and understand the conditions which comprise Acute Coronary Syndromes and Low Risk Chest Pain
  • Understand basic cardiac anatomy and physiology
  • Learn the two most common coronary arterial anatomic configurations
  • Understand that there are many anomalous / atypical coronary arterial anatomies and name at least two
  • Correlate 12 and 18 Lead ECGs with specific anatomic regions of the heart
  • Associate common coronary arterial anatomies with the regions and structures they perfuse
  • Identify ECG waveforms associated with normal myocardial perfusion, ischemia and infarction
  • Idenfity "pre-infarction" ECG patterns sometimes observed preceding ST Segment Myocardial Infarction (STEMI). 
  • Understand Primary vs. Secondary Repolarization Abnormalities
  • Define current AHA/ACC/ crieteria for what constitutes "abnormal ST Elevation and Depression" for all commonly used leads of 12 and 18 lead ECGs. 
  • Identify 10 common types of STEMI
  • List specific complications to anticipate with different types of STEMI
  • Demonstrate how to use the course workbook, "STEMI Assistant" in the clinical setting   


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